Bird Friendly Living

Respecting & Valuing Nature
Painting of the Tree of Life showing a tree filled with birds and animals

Ethos & Values

Osprey Jimmy advocates that we humans share the planet with care and consideration, respecting and valuing the lives of birds and animals around us ... [...]
compilation image showing many different types of things which run off electricity in the home

Modern Day Living

It is a miracle that electricity exists. And it is a most extraordinary thing that many of us across the world can plug something in and 'at the touch of a button' have instant use for our busy modern lives. But as with a lot of things that we 'get off the shelf' we rarely pause to think where electiricty it comes from and what the hazardous consequences may be in the process. ... [...]
Window Alerts

Conscious Living

There are many areas of living which impact and can have hazardous consequences to wildlife unless we factor that into our designs and behaviour. Window Alerts is one thing which people can do to safeguard birds from harm or death. There are also the intended harm and persecution that birds (and animals) can be subject to which is often carrying on over the world which we can attempt to stop ... [...]